Cloud based software for small businesses that provide services at customer location.

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Our Integrated Cloud Products:
Scheduling Software perform the following with the scheduling software:

• schedule and view jobs on an Android, Apple phone or regular browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari)
• schedule recurring jobs: weekly, every other week, monthly
• add charges or taxes to the job from calendar
• add comments for the job
• allow your employees to view scheduled jobs on Android or Apple app (navigate to job location, read comments, add comment, add picture, mark start & finish times)
• close jobs by invoicing or sending invoices to Intuit (optional)
• send payment link for job performed to a customer by email
• track your sales and jobs history

Online Reservation System • integrate reservation system on your website
• allow customers to receive a job quote and/or reserve the time for service online
• provide price quotes online without customer calling you
• customers can enter their job information (name, address, phone, comments …) online without calling you
• reserved job will appear on your schedule with a click of one button

• we set up reservation system for companies that use our website hosting.
• for companies using other hosting services contact your web administrator and direct them to this link for info about implementing reservation system into your website: Click for Reservation API

Accounting & Finance Two options for accounting:

• use accounting software: create invoices, record payments, track invoice & payment history, view summary of sales (free, does not include payroll)
• close jobs by sending invoices to QuickBooks Online and use all products offered by QuickBooks Online (subject to additional fee charged by QuickBooks Online)

Websites • we create and host websites for small & medium businesses.
• we integrate reservation system on the website where customer can view available job times and reserve jobs online.

Scheduling software: • first month free
• $5/month if company has less than 15 jobs scheduled per month
• $28/month for 2 employees who have more than 15 jobs scheduled per month
• $8/ month for each aditional employee who has more than 15 jobs scheduled per month
Online reservation system: • $8/month
Accounting & Finance: • free if invoicing and accounting is used (does not include payroll)
• option to integrate with Intuit Online and use all accounting products (subject to fees by Intuit Online).
Website: • $18/month
• $100 set up fee

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